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Our jewelry is truly unique, inspired by the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia, with each piece telling its own story. Wayuu jewelry reflects not only the traditional, cultural roots of the ancient Wayuu people, but also a contemporary understanding of style that makes it one-of-a-kind and eye catching. Every single accessory we create has been crafted with love and care to showcase Wayuu artistry while modernizing it to fit perfectly into everyday life. Whether you’re looking for a stunning statement earrings or a simple bracelet that exudes elegance, our Wayuu inspired jewelry collection is sure to delight.

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The Wayuu people are a proud and inspiring community located in Colombia and Venezuela. By purchasing items handmade by Wayuu artisans, you help improve their quality of life as portions of the proceeds are donated directly back to their community. Not only will Wayuu artisans benefit from these purchases, but partakers in the purchase will be rewarded with an original piece of art that is sure to be treasured for years to come. 

The Wayuu people have used traditional weaving methods for centuries, so any purchases lend support to both preserving their culture and alleviating hard economic times brought on by poverty. Make a positive transformation today with your purchases – every purchase matters!

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The Wayuu are renowned for their vibrant woven handicrafts that reflect the region’s sunlight, sky, and sea. Wayuu artisans have also translated their beauty into stunning jewelry pieces that many fashion-conscious trendsetters are purchasing online. Wayuu jewelry offers a unique combination of elegance and culture with intricate accents of color, creating statement pieces that give its wearer immense cultural significance. From tassels to beaded earrings, Wayuu jewelry offers a memorable connection to the Wayuu people. Shopping Wayuu allows you to express style while supporting this resilient community – so when you purchase Wayuu jewelry you are not only making a unique statement but are also investing in the future of Wayu tradition and culture.

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Wayuu- a proud people hailing from humble roots in beautiful Colombia. Known for being avidly proud of their cultural heritage and the country they are from, Wayuu strive to maximize every moment and opportunity that is presented to them. Wayuu have a unique ability to appreciate traditional knowledge and disregard what some may consider lack of basic knowledge or resources – Wayuu continue on with passionate grit and determination, never feeling inadequate or unsatisfied with their lives. Wayuu recognize who they are and where they come from, thus staying humble yet overflowing with pride for who they are, what they create, and ultimately what their beautiful homeland is.

The Wayuu people of northern Colombia are renowned for their weaving and pottery production, creations that are nationally and internationally sought after. Despite the well known admiration of Wayuu art, however, the Wayuu unfortunately have difficulty affording even the most basic necessities due to their isolated line of work. Needless to say, their quality of life is not the best. It is therefore our mission to help Wayuu artisans get their beautiful pieces sold and help them afford a better lifestyle. By aiding this community, we can truly make an impact on the Wayuu people’s lives beyond simply admiring their works of art.


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