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The Wayuu people are an indigenous tribe in Colombia. Their living conditions and situations are not always tenable, due to a lack of opportunities. To help the Wayuu people, we have taken it upon ourselves to get their handmade products into your hands. 

By buying Wayuu products you are directly helping them improve their lives, providing they with access to education, clothing and healthcare that they are otherwise unable to acquire. We invite you to join us in our mission to support the Wayuu tribe by purchasing their beautiful handcrafted items and making a difference in their daily lives.

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Wayuu culture is unique and rich, centered around strong family values, respect for one another, and a sense of unity within their close-knit group. This Wayuu way of life has been enshrined into its traditional jewelry and purses which feature intricate designs meant to represent these core values. The Wayuu believe that love must triumph over all else, allowing the tribe to thrive amidst challenging conditions due to their shared dedication to unconditional love. Their distinctive pieces reflect this spirit of togetherness and carry ancient symbols of love in order to celebrate Wayuu life’s bond with the sacred divine.

Wayuu culture is renowned across the world, most notably for their intricate artisan crafts such as hand woven bags. Wayuu artisans rely heavily on their craftsmanship, so it is important that we work to create an environment where they can continue to thrive and survive. We want Wayuu artisans to be able to carry out their traditions for many generations and practice safe craftsmanship. By supporting the Wayuu, not only will we help them keep their precious culture alive, but let one of the world’s most beautiful crafts continue into the ages.

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